Monday, February 19, 2007

Submission, Part 2

Submission in marriage is absolutely not easy. Women lie if they tell you it is or has always been easy. It is in our nature to want control, to want to lead and guide the way. It is our curse. Thankfully, there is a loving and merciful God planning our steps and guiding us. We must look at submission as more than falling at the feet of our men and take it seriously in a world of female dominance.

There will be times when you disagree with a decision your husband will make. In fact, this could possibly happen every day. It’s hard to trust someone who is as faulty as yourself. I know this all too well. We have to look at submission in the way that God does. Then, our perspectives will be clearer and much more holy.

God calls us to “be subject to” or “submit” to our husbands. He has given our husbands, all husbands, authority over the household. Men have been given the ability to lead, guide and made decisions. I would venture to say that if you think your husband has no desire to do any of these then somewhere along the way, a woman fought him for this position. We are all guilty of fighting for the authority in our homes.

As women, we can help and encourage our husbands by letting them lead. They are following God’s command for them by doing so. Let’s also remember that guys don’t have it easy. Not only will they be judged on how they lead their family, but also they must present to Jesus their wives as “holy and blameless” without spot, wrinkle or blemish. I do not let my husband care for me in this way. Yet, I want so badly for him to protect me and keep me pure. Submission isn’t being a doormat, it’s respecting and loving your husband enough to let him fulfill his God given role. We were not created to fill in for our man when he is slacking!

I have so often chose to do things my way and I question my husbands every step when he does things his way. I could very easily trust him and know that he has my best interest in mind, but I do not. I decide what would be best and then do that. I forget that my husband needs to be respected more than anything else. When I do my own thing or when I do not do what he asks, I disrespect him and that leads to an endless cycle of hurt and disappointment.

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