Monday, February 19, 2007

Submission, Part 1

Submission outside of marriage is fairly easy for most. Obey the law, respect those older than you and follow the authority God has placed in your life. I was quite sure that I would be the best and most submissive wife to ever grace the earth. If I recall correctly, I gladly and openly gave marriage advice as a very single woman.

I knew what scripture said about marriage and women. I saw what I did not want my marriage to look like growing up and eventually, I saw examples of what I did want my marriage to look like through married friends in my local church.

So, when I met my husband I was certain that my submission would impress him and he would long to lead me as I gently, willingly and lovingly followed and obeyed whatever it was he said, asked or demanded. This did not go as planned. Pride does indeed come before a fall!

I was surprised as I found myself telling this wonderful man early on in our courtship how to lead our relationship closer to God and even more, how to lead. I was overly confident and more discouraging than encouraging.

When we take the reigns of our relationships we are ripping leadership away from our guys. Our churches, our society is greatly lacking enthusiastic, willing and strong male leaders, I feel that it may be because as women we don’t let them lead.

God ‘s word is clear about submission and although it may be hard to read, it is truth. Obviously times have changed and the world around us accepts and rejects different things than the Holy Scriptures talk about, but God’s word is eternal and alive and active. How can we overlook this fact when there is so much to learn and teach in this area?

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