Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Refreshing days

Spring is nearly here and the weather is making everything about life seem a little better. Yesterday, Piper and I drove to a local trail and walked for about 30 minutes. We sat outside yesterday afternoon...Piper chewing a stick, me reading a magazine on the sidewalk. I woke up this morning excited to get out of bed and that doesn't happen too often lately.

Other things in my life are refreshing to me too. Swimming, iced caramel macchiatos, a good chick flick, laughter, flowers-all refreshing. Last Saturday I met my friend Katie in Frederick, MD. We had lunch together and talked for hours. Then we went to Starbucks (which only seems appropriate, since she introduced me to Caramel Macchiatos...did you know that Kate?!) and talked for another hour or so.

My friendship with Katie is very refreshing to me. We've been through a lot together. She knows the best and worst of me. I think she is my most consistent friend that I've know for a long time. We are very different, but have grown to be very similar. Katie is more than a friend, she is a sister to me.

I love that I can sit down and talk with Kate and we can share every detail of our lives without judgement. I love that she knows me well enough to ask hard questions that make me reconsider my current stance on life. I love that I know her well enough to do the same. I love that we both love Jesus and can really bring everything back to the gospel. I also love that we can both quote Meg Ryan movies.
Hanging out with Katie on Saturday was great. Not only were we able to encourage one another, but we were able to somehow meet emotionally, spiritually, mentally in the same place that I can't meet with anyone else right now. The Lord has given us similar struggles in life at the same time and I'm certain it's so we can walk this road together. Narrow roads, rough roads, they are always easier with a good friend beside you. Wouldn't you agree?

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Kate said...

I love you! I couldn't have writen it better... and I agree with everything! I do remeber I introduced you to the best drink ever!