Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's almost here!

Right now it's 10:13 and it's 52 degrees. How exciting! It hasn't been this warm in months! I remember living in Texas and waking up, checking the weather and it being 75 degrees at 8am. That was discouraging, but today I think I would have enjoyed it.

I'm so excited that spring is sneaking up on us. This is the beautiful thing about having four seasons, you get something new every three months! Just as the snow is getting annoying and bundling up to go outside has become a frustrating chore, spring comes! I'm so grateful that the Lord has made seasons. I know that not too many people get to experience four different season each year, but this year I'm so glad that I'm one of them.

I love when you can smell the new season coming. I love when the bare trees bud sweet blooms of gorgeous flowers and bright green leaves. I love hearing birds chirping as I wake up. I love taking long walks in the evenings. I love the freshness of spring. I love being able to go outside and breathe in spring.

Summer is so freeing in my mind. Growing up, you had all the time in the world to laugh, sleep and play. As an adult, it's not the same. But those memories are what I want summers to be like. Warm weather, camping, swimming, running around all day. I love the warm breezes that summer brings. I love the lightning bugs and the bright stars. I love cooking out with friends and family.

Fall is indeed my favorite season. Red, orange, and yellow leaves fill the trees that were once so green. The cooler mornings and evenings come as just the right time to relive you from the hot summer. I love hearing leaves crunch beneath my feet. Fall brings about a feeling that is so hard for me to describe. It's just...comforting.

Oh winter. I love the cold air. I love the snow. I love enjoying hot drinks and soup. I love wearing sweater and scarves. I'm sure if it were not winter right now, I would love a lot more about it :)

I will contently wait until summer, fall and winter because I know that each season brings about something new and something fresh. I will anxiously await the spring season and enjoy the last bit of winter we have left. In the meantime, I will spend every second I can with the windows open and playing outside because these warms days aren't here to stay....yet.

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