Monday, March 5, 2007

A springy getaway...

Where do I begin? Patrick and Aaron had been conspiring for quite some time about a winter trip. I knew a little and Jeannie knew nothing (until Aaron told her...). The plan was for Aaron and Jeannie to fly into Pittsburgh, then the four of us would drive to Seven Springs and spend the weekend hanging out, relaxing and such.

A snow storm was headed toward Minnesota and the life of our trip was under threat. So Aaron and Jeannie came to Pittsburgh a day early, to ensure the getaway would take place! On Friday, I drove to Robinson to pick them up and we drove back to Indiana for a quick trip around town and a stop at the Meadows for a little ice cream. After that, we headed out to the farm (which is something we officially own as of Friday.) and the boys walked around for a bit while Jeannie and I sat in the car and chatted. We left the farm and started the trek to Champion, PA.

I wasn't really sure what to expect. I had been skiing there before, but we didn't stay there too long and it had been several years since my last ski trip. We pulled up to beautiful white mountains and a resort just waiting to entertain us. We rented a condo about a mile away, so we drove there and decided what to do for the night. We went bowling, ate a pizza buffet, searched for a grocery store, then played Apples to Apples for a few hours. I don't' remember the last time I've laughed so hard! Many jokes were formed and it was so fun to hang out with our dear friends Aaron and Jeannie again.

On Saturday, the guys went skiing and Jeannie and I got pedicures. We got hot drinks at a coffee shop and talked until our toes were dry. Have I mentioned how great it was to have a friend? It was. We jumped on the shuttle back to our condo (with the pedicure flip flops still on!) and decided to drive to Shanksville, PA to see the United 93 memorial (more to come on that). We were able to explore and really enjoy one another's company. We talked a lot, laughed a lot and shared a lot. We grabbed lunch in Somerset and headed back to the condo.

The guys came home, got ready and we all went out to dinner at a cute cafe in Somerset. We came back, watched bits of a few movies, then headed to bed. It was a long day. On Sunday, we got up had breakfast together (thanks to Aaron for making breakfast both days!!!), then got ready and packed up. We drove to the Waterfront in Pittsburgh and had lunch together. We shopped around and caught an afternoon movie (more to come on this also...). It was getting late, so we drove back to Robinson, had dinner together and then said our goodbyes.

It was a wonderful weekend. We really treasure our friendship with the Reid's. We came home relaxed, refreshed and blessed beyond words. It was so nice to have a friend who knew me and that I could share everything with. It was nice that we could be ourselves and be honest with one another. It was nice to have authentic community with Aaron and Jeannie. It was just nice to be with them. We look forward to many more weekend getaways with our friends.

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