Saturday, May 19, 2007

Getting ready

Patrick is leaving tomorrow for Houston and I leave on Monday for Chicago. I feel like there is so much to do before we leave. I'm pretty OCD about having a clean house when I leave (who loves coming home to a dirty home?!) and there are a few errands that need to be taken care of. Not to mention, we're buying a house.

This morning, at breakfast, Patrick said, "You know, this is really a bad time to buy a house." I laughed and told him that this was out of our hands and securely in God's. Although, I have the same feelings! So many people to call, inspections to be done, papers to sign. I'm glad we've done this before, so it's not all new.

I took Piper out to the farm yesterday. Frank and Carol are going to "watch" him while we're away. He really loves it out there. When he realizes where he is as we're driving out there, he'll start whining and barking. He loves running around and being with other dogs. I love when he's out there too! But today, I wanted him with me. I wanted to take him for a walk and play with him. I wanted him to follow me around while I was cleaning and packing. I wanted him to lay on the floor while I made lunch and then sneak beside me and look longingly at the food I made. I do love Piper. He makes my days much more fun and a lot less lonely.

I think it's funny how easy it is to pack for Patrick. A pair of jeans, a few shirts, socks, boxers and he's set. Not I. I must know what we'll be doing, what the weather will be like and what I should wear on the plane. Should I take jeans? Skirts? Will I need a long sleeve shirt? I didn't realize how high maintenance I was until I got married :)

Ah...well off to continue packing and clean the bathroom. I'm really, REALLY looking forward to the next few weeks of get-a-ways!

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Jen said...

Sounds like you guys are pretty busy with traveling and the new house. It looks so cute! Hoping to get up there to PA and visit with you - maybe this summer? I'd like to see the farm, too and visit with Carol. I miss you guys!

Have a great time, Ashley! I'll be thinking of you!

:) jen cz