Saturday, May 19, 2007

My adventures with Flat Brianna

Well, my time with Flat Brianna is almost over. I'm taking her to Chicago with me, in hopes of getting her picture taken on the airplane, and then sending her back to school. I've had a lot of fun with her!

Instead of writing a boring letter, I made a scrapbook of all the things we did together. Here are some pictures of her scrapbook....

I think there are eight pages total, including the cover page. I wanted to make it really cute and girly. I figure some of her classmates are getting letters from other states or countries. I had to spice mine up a little bit!

I told my mom today that I've had so much fun with Flat Bri, that I wish all my nieces and nephews would send their flat selves to me! :) I'm really glad I got to bless Bri in this way and that she, in fact, blessed me!


mama cindy said...

Very nice, I think she will love it.

coposky6 said...

Ashley, I forgot about your blog site until now...WOW!! Brianna is asleep, but I will show her in the morning. I am SURE she will want to write to you! Thank you so much for what you did for her...she was so excited to receive the scrapbook and reads it over and over again every single day! You are awesome and very special to her!! LY, Kristin