Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Currently, I'm in Chicago. I am visiting a very dear friend of mine and we're having a lot of fun. She just moved here and so I came over to help her settle in and get to know her way around. Plus we get to hang out for five days!

My whole trip, thus far has been quite an adventure! We've rented a big truck from Home Depot to move some furniture. We've unpacked most of her flat. We've moved furniture that we probably should not have moved. We've had great conversations. We've laughed a lot. We've walked everywhere. And most importantly, we've got lost.

Yesterday, we wanted to go to Trader Joe's. There are three here and according to the online locater, there is one just right down the road. So off we go, making a few stops before looking for the store. It's not there. That's right. The online information was a mailing address, not the actual location of the store. (SIGH) We decide to take the bus there (which we have never done in Chicago before).

We got distracted while looking for a bus stop by a few vintage stores and a really cute cafe. We had lunch (which was really incredible) and were very surprised that we both finished the rather large portion of our lunch selections. I'm glad we did. We continued window shopping and store exploring. We stopped a few times to try some things on and finally, stopped for coffee to discuss and regroup.

We began to wander again and found a bus stop, asked if they went to the road Trader Joe's is on (Clyborne) and hopped on. First of all, the bus was pretty sketchy and the driver was annoyed that we didn't know how to use the card to pay. Second of all, we were so lost. So, we sit pretty, reading a map, until we realize we may have gone too far. We jump off at the next stop, which was thankfully Clyborne.

Trader Joe's was no where in site. We walked into a store and asked someone to direct us. Ha. Turns out we were 10 blocks away. Yea, we got off at the right street stop, but the wrong stop to get to Trader Joe's. So we walked...10 the sun...with sandles on...confused. It took us 45 minutes to get there. When we did, we were so tired! I'm not sure how we enjoyed Trader Joe's, but it's Trader Joe' we did.

We leave Trader Joe's. We asked for directions to Cayla's flat. So, we walk to the nearest bus stop. Right. It doesn't go where we need to go. Perfect. We asked a few people for some kind of help and got on our way, again, walking. Luckily we only had to walk four blocks this time to the correct bus stop. We got on and rode the bus eight blocks to her street. But we got off a street too early and had to walk three more blocks until we got home.

I'm not sure where we found the energy to unpack the dining room and rearrange the living room four times. Maybe it was Season two of The Office playing all night. :)

It wasn't suppose to be that hard. It was suppose to be really fun. You know, somehow, through most of this mis-adventure, I found humor that I thought I had lost. I laughed most of the first ten blocks! I'm glad I came to Chicago.


mama cindy said...

How funny!!! Let me tell you, as a mother, getting a call from your daughter saying she is lost in Chicago not once, but twice, is a little unsettling. But, with their history, kind of expected. I love that you and Cayla are having a fun adventure. I can't wait to hear where you go next. :)

theroyalgarcias said...

Cindy, what is that supposed to mean! ? Ha! Thanks for your dispatch assistance yesterday from several hundred miles away. We couldn't have done it without you!

Jen said...

It'll be such a fun story to recall with your friend in the future - it'll all be worth it!

Lauren said...

Hey Ash,

1) Tell Cayla I say, "hello!" I am so glad you two are hanging out!

2) I love that you have the Girl Talk blog on your site.

Your pursuit of God is to be commended!