Sunday, May 6, 2007

Piper turns 1!

That's right, my sweet little (or not so little) puppy turned one! Yesterday was Piper's birthday. We didn't do anything crazy, but I did buy him a few bones to munch on! It's so hard to believe that we've had him for 10 months. We got Piper when he was two months old and he was SO tiny!

He is now seven in dog years and weighs about 65 pounds! He is definitely a homebody and loves to be with Patrick and I. He probably won't get much bigger and that's okay. He protects me very well and I don't need a bigger dog! When Patrick is on the farm and Piper doesn't want to run with him anymore, Piper will go back to Patrick's truck and sit in the bed of his truck until Patrick comes back. Isn't that funny?

Looking back, it's been worth all the tears I cried because Piper completely threw off my schedule or the frustration of him barking and wanting to play when I had other things to do (how selfish am I?!). He really has been a great dog and honestly, I don't know what I would do without him.

I know you're not suppose to treat dogs like their part of your family, but Piper is part of our family. He has been my most consistent friend and playmate for the last several months. He is great at listening and loves to go for walks. I do love this puppy of ours!


Anonymous said...

Me likey your new layout. The pictures seem bigger...or is it just me?
Erin C.

mama cindy said...

Happy Birthday to my grand puppy, he's such a sweetie pie.

Big Al said...

how cute!

Thanks for watching me eat lunch today... it was a fun time!

I'll see you tomorrow...

ps. this is Allyson (aka. Big Al) :)