Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weird time...question from a child...random blog

Is anyone else having issues with their blog? My blog only shows up in Unicode and I can't seem the fix the encoding issue here. It's really starting to bother me. If you know how to fix this, please let me know!

Anyways, we have been going to First Baptist Church of Indiana. This is the older church with a very small congregation. Usually I go with a hard heart and a very closed mind. I'm sad to say that my selfishness and pride get the best of me more often than I'd like. But today was different. I went just being normal (I guess normal is the best word there?) and it was nice. I laughed a lot (as there are plenty of things to laugh at throughout the service) and talked with some very nice people. I made it my goal today to get to know people through the "welcoming time". Everyone just says their hellos and moves on. Not me. I'm going to really get to the point and find people who want to grow in Jesus! And I love asking questions, so this should be fun.

Today our friend Scott was preaching and I was excited to hear his thoughts and how the Lord would use him. He preached about Psalm 23 about ways we can learn from this psalm how to relate with God as He is shepherding us. It was COMPLETELY timely and very encouraging to my heart. God really spoke to me and it was such a sweet surprise!

Finally, yesterday I was in Kmart picking up a bone for Piper. There were two women in front of me and one of the women was holding a small boy. I would say he was about 3. I was minding my own business and looking around when I glanced by the boy and his eyes lit up and he said, "HI!". Kindly, I replied, "HI!" Then came the reality of his niceness..."Do you have candy?" "No," I said, "These are bones for my puppy. They aren't candy." "Oh." Looking at his mom he said, "Can I eat bones for puppies?" I was trying not to laugh at this point because I've never been in this situation before and it was pretty funny. His mom explained that bones were great for dogs, but very yucky for humans. Good call, mom. I would have let him taste it and find that out for himself. What little boy believe his mom when she tells him that he can't eat what a dog eats? Funny day.

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Alice said...

is your blog in html code when you're writing? If so, there are two tabs on the upper right. Click on the one that's not "html" I think it's "compose" and it should work.