Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Say it with me "Chat-am". It took us a few times listening to the locals to get the hang of it! After we got off the ferry, we headed to our B&B in South Orleans, MA. Surprisingly, the Cape is really close together...nothing like driving through Texas! So, our inn was close to so many things.

First of all, our B&B - The little inn on Pleasant Bay - was FABULOUS! It was, by far, the best Bed and Breakfast we've stayed in. I highly recommend it. The inn keepers were from Europe. I think that Europeans know how to do things like B&B's very well. They were super friendly and offered wonderful advice on dinner and such.

We headed to Chatam to walk around and just relax. We went to Chatam Light, a lighthouse not too far from Main St. It was a gorgeous site. We took a few pictures and then found our way to the main area of town. We stopped at a little cafe and got a drink and some pastries. It was nice to relax and enjoy our surroundings.

After a quick bite, we walked around town. We went into a few stores, but mostly held hands and walked through the beauty of simplicity. We had nothing to do and no where to be. It was a truly wonderful concept that I had forgotten existed. We bought a few souvenirs and my new Chacos (::grin::!!!).

We have a tradition of buying a Christmas ornament when we go on vacation together. Once or twice a year, depending on where we go, we'll buy something that's appropriate for that area and then dangle it from our Christmas tree come December. It's been wonderful looking back at our past ornaments and remembering those trips!

We went back to the inn to get freshened up and then went back to Chatam for dinner. We ate a restaurant called, "The Impudent Oyster". It came highly recommended. They had me at the herb bread with butter. Yummmm! Dinner was incredible. I ordered the seafood Florence and Patrick got the swordfish. The flavors in my dinner were incredible. Everything blended so well. It was a great dining experience. After dinner, we walked around town and took a few pictures before heading home.

When we got back to the inn for the night, we changed and headed over the the main house. I asked for some tea and Patrick and I sat outside on the deck in a little wicker love seat and watched the night move in. We just sat there, talking, remembering, smiling. It was really an incredible evening.

Chatam was probably my favorite place we went the whole trip. It was lovely and charming and really fulfilled my expectations of our trip. I look forward to returning to this little inn and this little village.

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beth said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Would it be kid friendly? Man, it looks just so beautiful... and I bet the R&R you had was warmly welcomed. It's awesome to get away with your hubby and reconnect :)