Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And last but NOT least...

Our last day includes stopping by spots along the Cape Cod National Seashore and Whale Watching in Proviencetown. It started wonderfully with breakfast at The Little Inn. They made INCREDIBLE bread and butter pudding. Oh my soul...I'm definitely getting that recipe!

Unfortunately, it was raining. All day. Rain, rain, rain. This made walking along the seashore difficult and even made for hard picture taking. But we enjoyed the ride together and saw some beautiful scenes!

We stopped by several tourist points up the coast. An exciting spot: The place where the first Trans-Atlantic wireless message was sent from the US to England. Very neat. Obviously the Marconi (named after the guy who did it) Tower was gone (the shore line was receding and started to take the tower with it), there was a little model for us to enjoy. The cliffs were steep everywhere we stopped. The ocean was gorgeous. Even the flowers looked sweet for us!

After our last stop at Highland lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on the Cape, we drove up to Proviencetown. This is THE place to go whale watching. I was a bit skeptical of seeing anything, but happily boarded the boat to meander into the vast sea. Actually, that in itself made me a bit leery. Anyways, it was a cold and bumpy hour long ride to the spot we wanted. It was totally worth it! The first whale we saw was just a baby, about 3 years old. He was really playful and jumping around and everything! I took tons of pictures (my sister LOVES whales, so I was determined to get a bunch for her!) and stood in awe of this creature. It really is quite humbling to stand before an animal that is 12 times your size and intrude on his happy corner of the world. I was really captivated by it all; the whale, God and His creativity, the ocean. Wow.

We saw a few more whales, but they didn't want to jump out of the water. They just came to the surface and made their presence known. These whales were huge though. They were about 3 times the size of the little guy we saw. This is still mind boggling to me.

We drove around Proviencetown a bit, then headed back down the road to our hotel. I was so sad to be ending our trip. It was truly a wonderful time. Completely relaxing. There was uncontrollable laughter, unbelievable scenery, breathtaking historical sites, true love, hand holding, street strolling, can't stop smiling, "never, ever forgetting this" moments.

This is seriously a trip worth taking. I know I'd do it again.

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