Thursday, June 14, 2007

Something to celebrate

Last week, we flew to Phoenix to see Patrick's little sister graduate from high school. Kate is so precious to us and we wouldn't have missed her graduation for anything. Kate is a very bright girl. She made the top 5% of her class and her graduating class had 450 students! We are really proud of her.
This fall, she'll be going to college at Tutfs in Boston. She'll be a little closer and we're looking forward to that. She's a bit hesitant about east coast weather, but I think she'll start to love it. To celebrate Kate, we all we all went out to dinner one night. A couple of Kate's friends came along, so it was a nice mix of family and friends. Plus, it was really fun meeting Kate's friends!
Our trip to Phoenix was a nice trip to relax and enjoy the sun (and it's sunny there!). We were able to hang out with the family, go to a baseball game, play several rounds of cards and workout. I was quite entertained by Patrick and Kent as they played several different pool games. I think I got a quick glimpse of what it was like when they were younger.
Overall, it was a good trip. While it was nice to see family and be apart of Kate's real world debut, it was also nice to be home after several trips in just a few weeks.

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