Wednesday, June 13, 2007

His smell

I love the way the smell of Patrick lingers in our bed. When he got up this morning (very early to go to a rig), I snuggled up on his side of the bed. It's not the pillow, I like mine much better. It's not the warmth because it's much cooler on his side. It's his smell. I can smell him on the pillow. I can smell him on the blankets. And I love the way my husband smells.

Breathing him in. Taking a moment to remember who this man is. Stopping to enjoy the gift of Patrick, of marriage. With a smile on my face, I close my eyes and fall back asleep. I think of fond memories we've shared. I think of places we've gone together. I think of him holding me on my worst day. I think of him laughing with me on my best day. All because of his smell. Filling my thoughts, my heart, with him.


mama cindy said...

Honestly, he has the same smile now as he did then. Great guy!

Jeannie said...

omigosh...i need a moment...

that was beautiful, my love, and you are a certified WRITER. keep it up.

yup, that's the boy inside him still!! how cute is that??? i love collecting little boy pics of aaron, too.