Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A thought on men

For Al:
Dogs will die,
Climbing gear will fade,
But a good man will buy you more of those things.
*Just another reason I like hanging out with my friend, Al. Good times.*


Big Al said...

Haha I love it...thank you. Just keep in mind that we tag teamed on that comment.

ps these sugar snap peas are a-mazing. Don't worry I ate more than just snap-peas for dinner.

Ashley M said...


We totally tag teamed that lil quote. You get major props for starting the conversation and making up the quote. I just posted the love, my friend :) Can I share this quote with James?

Glad you liked the peas!

Big Al said...

I tried sharing the quote with him, let's just say I did not do a good job. SO you go...give it a try...maybe we can tag team again on Friday :)