Friday, July 13, 2007

An overwhelming week

It's Friday? This week has gone by so quickly. We closed on our house on Tuesday and it's been crazy ever since! I've been packing up my car with boxes and bags and whatever else I can find, then driving across town to unpack my car.

On Wednesday, Carol came over and helped me paint. We painted the all the bedrooms. I'm REALLY pleased with the my color choices. It made me want to be an interior designer! It was fun seeing the rooms transform into our rooms. I just can't wait to be moved in.

I've been getting up fairly early and getting started on moving right away. Almost all of my kitchen and most of my bathroom are at the new house. That makes things here a little harder, but I wanted to have at least one room set up before the chaos began. It only makes sense that the one complete room is my kitchen.

My very good friend Katie came to visit yesterday and she stayed the night. We went to a near by spa and got massages. It was VERY timely and so wonderful. Plus, we got an incredible deal. It was so nice to hang out with her. We had a great time. She was a sweet and welcomed break in my week!

Today was the last day to do whatever it is that I needed to do before the big moving day. I felt like I ran around all day. I'm exhausted! But I feel like moving will be much easier now. So much is already out of the way!

Starting at 8am on Saturday morning, our little townhouse will become another memory in our first chapter in Indiana, PA. A bunch of guys from Patrick's work are coming over to help. It will be so nice to have six guys moving everything. My mom and step dad are coming up and my in-laws will be here too. What a blessing! I'm really looking forward to all these helping hands.

Patrick is on the rig tonight (poor timing on the rig's part!), so the last night in our little townhouse will be so lonely. Luckily Piper is here so I don't feel so alone. He has been very clingy since we've been packing. Anytime I'm loading the car, he starts freaking out. When he manages to get outside, he'll run to the car and jump in. He most certainly does not want to be left behind. How sweet :)

Hopefully I'll have a bunch of pictures to post soon. Please be praying for our move!


beth said...

So cool that the house is all coming together! Whatcha doing on the 28th? We may be up that way & want to drop in & see the new pad :) Love ya

mama cindy said...

What a nice house you and Patrick have! Hope you don't get tired of seeing us :) Love you.

Jen said...

congrats! moving stinks, but I'm glad yo've gotten some help. Wanna come visit me and help me get organized for this baby??? I hear the crickets chirping as you ponder your answer....

Lauren said...

Hey girl!

I must have missed that you guys purchased a house, but WOW, I'm so excited for you!!!!

Love yah!

Ashley M said...


The 28th is my triathlon. We'll be here in the afternoon and evening though. Let me know