Sunday, August 5, 2007

I love being an aunt...

Last night, two of our nieces stayed the night with us. We don't see them very often, so we were excited to spend some time with them. I think they were pretty excited to hang out with us, too. At first I was a bit concerned that we wouldn't have enough to do, but I soon realized that they really just wanted to do things with us...whatever those things were! BUT we made it fun (of course!).
My friend Juliana got me a tea set for a housewarming gift (I love tea sets!). It came in quite handy with two little girls (7 and 10) coming over. When we got home from dinner and ice cream, we had a music party. Patrick played the piano, Cassidy (10) and Jenna (7) took turns playing the trumpet and maracas and I took pictures! Then we sat down on the rug in the living room and had a lemonade party with my new tea set (they don't like hot tea, I guess.). It was good fun and Patrick happily joined in. After our little party, we enjoyed listening to the girls sing songs from vacation bible school and then watched Esther the Veggie Tales movie. Patrick fell asleep, while the girls and I watched contently.
After much convincing, they allowed me to sleep in my own bed and we all went to sleep. Jenna was so sweet to ask me to pray for them before they were asleep. I happily agreed and talked to Jesus with them. They told me they woke up at seven in the morning, so I was expecting an early morning. However, these girls didn't get up until 10 am!!! SWEET! Cassidy woke up first and snuggled in bed with Patrick and I. Once 10:30 rolled around, we woke Jenna up so we could get going.

Patrick headed out to the farm and the girls and I made toast for breakfast. We decided breakfast would be more fun as a tea party. So, I cut up some cinnamon sugar toast and put it in a bowl and we headed back to the living room rug for a breakfast tea/lemonade party. It was too cute! We all got ready and headed to the mall. They LOVED the mall! I think we went in every girly store that they saw. It was also very important for them to look at purses and try on high heels in the shoe store. I couldn't stop laughing as they would run up to me with a new pair on. Girls are too funny.
We got lunch for everyone and headed out to the farm. It was nice to have a break after being with them for the whole morning. But I really enjoyed having them around. They are so sweet and full of hugs and nice things to say. Cassidy asked me when we were going to have kids and I told her that we wanted babies and were waiting for God's timing to be perfect and she said, "Aunt Ashley. I think that you are going to be the best mommy." Jenna chimed in, "I think so too." Isn't it sweet to hear things like this from the mouths of babes?

I loved our sleepover and tea parties. I loved telling the girls about Jesus and talking with them about serious and not so serious stuff. I love that they trust me to tell me about boys and crushes and school. Mostly, I love that they love me and aren't afraid to show it. I do love these little girls.


mama cindy said...

You are a wonderful aunt.

Casey Cease said...

We miss you guys....


Pam Swope said...

I so enjoy your blog!
Hey, I have a new blog site; don't use Pams Place anymore. So if you want to change it on your site, it's now:
Thanks Ashley
PS I thought the shorts you chose were quite appropriate, but they do have a walking short that comes just above the knees and they are really cute...FYI