Friday, July 17, 2009


My best friend, Cayla, and her husband and baby came up for a quick visit from New Orleans at the beginning of the week. This was the first time they had met Benjamin. Patrick and I had not seen Aveny since Christmas. We were well overdue for a good visit. We had a lot of fun.

We walked to the coffee shop, to town and back again. We went out for a great dinner and stayed in for one, too. We talked and laughed. We just enjoyed being together.

I didn't think to get pictures of adults together, but we did take a lot of precious pictures of Benjamin and Aveny becoming best friends. I love it!

Here is baby boy!

Miss Aveny Rue - sooooo precious and sweet.
Trying to figure each other out. Aveny is 8 months old, so she's a little more advanced on the friendship thing...
Oh, so sweet
Just one more...
There was a lot of this!
Play time
Yes, my child is nearly the size of an 8 month old. I know, I know...
Aunt Cayla & Benjamin - he's loving sitting on her lap :)
Me & Aveny


Morgan said...

the pictures of them both looking up at the camera are precious!!

mama cindy said...


theroyalgarcias said...

that picture of ben and avie holding hands kills me dead. it is TOO SWEET. Oh how precious. ahhhh... babies.