Friday, July 17, 2009

Taste N Tour 2009

Every summer, downtown Indiana hosts an event called "Taste N Tour". You buy a ticket in advance, then spend three hours walking around downtown Indiana eating at all of the restaurants participating in the event. I think there were close to 20 local eateries on the map last night!

Patrick, Benjamin and I headed up town with our good friends, the Foulk's and we met our friend, Steve, there. The weather was gorgeous. It was a little warm at first, but ended up perfect! By the end of the night we had eaten at 15 places. Whew! Some of the restaurants had buffets, while others served you sitting down. Some had just a few food selections, some had way too much!

Everyone congregated at Culpeppers (a local restaurant) at the end of the night and turned in their cards to vote for who was number one! Overall, I think there were three places that I really loved. The rest were either terrible or okay. Also, I believe that I would enjoy being a food critic :) While at Culpeppers, they gave out "door prizes" and I won one! I don't win things very often so I was very excited! I got three gift cards for local restaurants. Woohoo!

I really look forward to doing this again next year!

Meghan and I. This is really not a great picture of me. Oh well.
The plate at The Coventry Inn. Here I tried caviar and mussels for the first time ever. The mussels were pretty good. The caviar, well it didn't have much of a taste and popped in my mouth.
Patrick, Benjamin and Steve. Benjamin was pretty entralled with Steve in this picture!
Benjamin ate his hand the whole time... he is teething.
Steve relaxing at stop number 11 with a virgin mojito. By stop number eight or so, we were all feeling a little...gluttonous.
Sweet family!
Brian, Meghan and Dylan
Meghan giving Dylan some yummy mocha goodness... not really, but it was a funny picture.
Benjamin was exhausted.


Jeannie said...

ah, teething...never a good time...

mama cindy said...

sounds like a good time was had by all!