Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pool Fun

My good friend, Meghan, bought a little kiddie pool for her backyard at the beginning of the summer. We've been waiting and waiting to use it! Yesterday, Benjamin and I walked (they only live 2 blocks away)over for a little water fun before the sun went away (because it rained all day today!)

Our little babes are only a month apart (Dylan is older) and we met in a lamaze class during pregnancy. We ran into one another about two months ago and we've hung out often ever since. Having Meghan around has been so great. We're going through things with the babies at the same time. We can share stories and laugh together about weird-o mom things. We're both new at this and it's great to have a partner in crime on bad days! There have been many "I-need-coffee-it-was-a-bad-night" texts and off we go. We've even gone on day trips to various places (Grove City outlets, Greensburg, etc)!

It was only necessary to take many, many pictures of the boys and us in the pool. Benjamin enjoyed the water (after the initial shock of it's coolness) and fussed if he wasn't close to me. I didn't mind :) My sweet boy loves the water and I have a feeling he's going to like the pool more than bathtime! They splashed and such for about 30 minutes before enough was enough! Having fun in the pool will only get better and more frequent, I'm sure!

Me and Benjamin after the pool, drying off..
Cute us :)
Meghan and Dylan playing in the water...
Benjamin chilling in the floater thing....
The boys before we got into the pool. We're trying to get them to interact more :) In two months, I have a feeling they'll be all over the place together! FYI- Benjamin has on a little swimmer diaper. He's not naked (although, he probably wishes he were as he loves nudity already. Do all babies like being naked?)


mama cindy said...

Look at him sitting up!!!!!

Love, love, love the pool pictures. Pool memories are the best!!

Jacob and Jessi Schwertfeger said...

Warning: Crazy Pregnant Woman Comment Ahead.

Ash, would you believe that I just spent the last 30 minutes going through your blogs to see how much weight you had gained with Benjamin and what you looked like when you were 16 weeks preggers? Paranoid, Jessi? Maybe just a bit...:)

Love the updates on Benjamin!

Casey said...

hi ashley! i know what post you are waiting for... :) monday!!!