Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A quick catch up...

Like I said before, we've been pretty busy and it's not going to slow down anytime soon. With July (mostly) behind us, we have a wedding, a visit from Kent and Sarah, a 5k, a birthday bash, a trip to Switzerland, a trip to see the Reid's, a few holidays, a half marathon and so much more to look forward to. And that only takes us to November 1st!

Patrick built a new porch on the front of our house over the last three weekends. The old one was rotting and dangerous! My man is so incredible! It looks so wonderful and I'm so thankful that he is capable of building and creating things, and doing it well.

Working hard...That's our friend, James, helping out!
Almost done. I don't have a picture of the finished product, yet!
We've been enjoying the fruits (er, vegeltables) of Patrick's labor from our garden! I've frozen a ton of snap peas and we eat salads often. Our green beans are now starting to produce in abundance and we've had two cucumbers so far! Now, if the sun would stay out longer than two hours we may get ripened tomatoes before fall :)

Here are some random July fun pictures!

Patrick, Kent and Benjamin...

Benjamin's first 4-wheeler ride. I think he was a little almost 4 months here. Despite his face in the picture, he actually really enjoyed the ride around the farm.
Me and my babe!
Benjamin all wrapped up in a freshly dried blanket. He loves this blanket because it's so fuzzy and soft and chewable.

Benjamin loves playing the piano with Patrick. He has recently started hitting the keys (as seen here). It's really adorable now, I'm sure when he's two and does it, it won't be as cute :)


Courtney said...

A trip to Switzerland? Have I missed something?

mama cindy said...

Is that the Gerber daisy I gave you for Mother's Day??

Can't wait to see the finished porch. And on the 4-wheeler already, I'm jealous!!!