Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday ramblings...

Ah, Wednesday. Patrick is in Switzerland. The air conditioning on my car broke yesterday on the way home from the airport (go figure!). My child is fussy and teething, I'm sure. It's crazy humid. Yet, there is joy in my heart. Sure things might be chaos and overwhelming, but it's my life and I couldn't be more grateful for it.

Joy. Joy. Joy. I get to love and support and encourage my husband as he gets to relax and enjoy a vacation. I get to love on my baby all day long. Not to mention that I get to stay home with him! Not everyone gets that luxury. My car still gets me where I need to go and at least our air conditioning works in the house!

I get to see Patrick in just 4 days! He left notes for me each day he is gone. My friends, let me tell you how awesome my husband is: he left me a sweet surprise for each day!!! Tuesday was money to get a coffee. Today was money to buy some clothes that fit (because I'm in a terrible place of in between and I'm okay that my old jeans might not fit again). Who knows what the rest of the week will bring! I'm so excited to find out!

I'm taking each day at a time. I made awesome meatballs last night. So simple and easy and the freeze wonderfully! Benjamin and I hung out at the mall for a while today. It's nice to be somewhere other than home sometimes. Patrick has access to email, so I get to hear from him occasionally. And that's that! I miss debriefing with Patrick at night. It's funny to me how we can struggle to share the bed comfortably sometimes and always joke around about who took up more room, but when he's gone I sleep tightly on one side. Maybe just incase he comes back in the middle of the night.

Well, I'm going to bed early tonight! Come on, Sunday and get here already!!!


Erin said...

Oh, you're so good! I usually stay up WAY too late when Reed's gone and then totally regret it, but do it again the next night!! Insanity, I tell you!
And the AC never fails that something breaks right when Reed leaves! Once our garage door broke and would NOT go down! Ugh! Oh, oh! And once, the faucet wouldn't turn off! I had to get my dad to walk me through turning off the water to the house!! I've become quite capable when he's away!
Love your great attitude - here's praying it lasts and that you and Ben have a great week, too!

mama cindy said...

That Patrick is one wonderful guy! I think that is so sweet that he left you a note for every day that he gone and a little surprise in each to boot! :)

You will never regret getting to stay home with your baby and not having to go to work, I know I was lucky to get to stay home with you and Beth.

John will be happy that the AC is still broke.........he wants to be able to look and it and hopefully get to fix it for you. I know that it bites right now....:(

Can't wait to see you both in just a couple of days!!!

Love you!