Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morning distractions :)

Um. This is what I let my baby do while I'm eating breakfast. I suppose it could be worse and he really loved this colander! He grabbed and tossed this thing all over the counter for at least five minutes. Plenty of time to eat! (It's amazing how quickly I can stuff things into my mouth now!)

In other Benjamin news: He got 2 teeth on Saturday!!! He has been teething for a while now and I noticed on Friday that you could barely see little teeth. They weren't through yet, but he was drooling like crazy (which is fairly normal for him) and his nose started running. He had a little fever and hated life. I know this because he was not pleasant at all (well, maybe for a little bit) on Friday and I think somewhere in his whining he said "This isn't fun. I want to be back in the womb". He woke up several times Friday night and on Saturday morning, there they were! Two at once, poor thing! But, man, is this kid efficient or what? I wouldn't want to pop one out at a time either :) I was super excited for him and love that I get to be apart of little and big things that he does and experiences!

Finally, Patrick leaves for Switzerland on Tuesday. Patrick and Kent are going to Switzerland for a vacation. To do "man things" and get away for a while. They were going to go to Montana, but it was nearly the same price to go to Switzerland. Good deal searching, guys! I'm excited for Patrick to getaway and be refreshed. But he will be very missed. He will be gone until Saturday. Any survival or entertaining advice on caring for a baby all day and all night for six days would be appreciated. The most I've done on my own is three nights, what's two more?

I'm going to make some coffee in my french press now and get my day sorted, and laundry folded, and errands planned...


heather said...

I know how you feel - I hate it when Kyler's gone. It's that darn quality time love language...(but doesn't it give you pause when you think about military wives? Wow...)

Anyway - I'll be thinking of you! And hooray for Benjamin and his little teeth! Look out now, Momma! My little guys both cut their bottom two at once, and next came ALL FOUR top teeth at once! Yikes! (But yes, efficient and over with soon!) :)

mama cindy said...

Wish I'd had one of those bumbo's when you were a baby. How handy!!!

Steph said...

Ashley McBride...you are a better woman than me! If there's one rule in the Cease house it's "If mama ain't in Europe, ain't nobody in Europe!" :) Seriously!

Benjamin is as cute as ever and tell him congrats on the new teeth.

And I do hope that Patrick has a good trip ;). As for being alone with baby for 6 days...I always plan one little activity for each day...doesn't have to cost money...and then think about how I am going to pamper myself when the hubs gets home. I would go with a massage. :)

Jeannie said...

hey sugar, looking forward to your upcoming visit!! what questions did you have?

a was gone for just two days and one night this week and I was such a whiner, it was awful. He is my oxygen!!

Love you babe