Monday, September 14, 2009

6 months already?!

Oh my. My sweet baby boy is half a year old today. Time flies.

I took some six months pictures yesterday because he looked so cute. You may (or may not) remember this cute outfit from his four months pictures. It still fits (glad about that) and it's just too precious.

A few things about my little boy:
He weighs about 19.5 pounds - yikes! This boy loves to eat :)
He is about 27.5 inches long
He is sitting up all by himself, as in I can sit him up and he'll stay. He does not sit himself up, nor does he roll. But that's ok!
He loves, I repeat LOVES, riding in the top part of a shopping cart. He certainly thinks he's wonderful (and he is) and squeals in delight the whole time we're shopping.
He says "ma ma ma" a lot and every time he does I clap and smile and say "yeah!!!" so he'll remember that mama is a good thing :)
He tried avacado today. That was his first vegetable. He did not hate it. He did not love it. Carrots are next.
When he's laying on the floor he'll lift his head and shoulders up and his feet. I'm sure he's strengthing his core and trying to do a crunch. It's really pretty funny.
He loves being around people - especially other kiddos!

That's all I will share with you for now. I'd rather get to the pictures :) Per usual, I just couldn't put one or two. I just loved so many. Thanks for you picture tolerance!

This is a rocking chair a good family friend made for Benjamin... Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of a constant moving 6 month old sitting in a rocking chair? Whew. These are not my best pictures, but very telling of where we are...

Probably one of my favorites. I love the closer ones, you can see his cute face better :)
Little man. Oh my, I love this one too.
So happy!
Laughing at daddy...

Little family picture. Of course, Benjamin is not looking. However, he is smiling. That should count for something!


heather said...

No way!?! Six months already?! Turns out my boys aren't the only kiddos growing up at light speed. He's completely precious - still can't wait to meet him! :)

mama cindy said...

I love those chunky little legs!! Such a "ham" some little guy. ::grin:: I can understand the numerous pictures, they are ALL so good. Love you!