Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today was the 2009 Heart Walk, put on by the American Heart Association, in Indiana. I participated in the event in memory of my dad. I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd that showed up. It was a 5k at the local hospital. Five laps around the parking area and that was that. I walked for three laps and ran for two. Patrick and Benjamin walked two laps with me. I would have happily ran the whole thing, but no one else was running and since I have very little leadership confidence I walked :)

Thank you so much to those who supported the AHA, through me, for this event! It won't go unnoticed - so many families and individuals will be forever grateful for the support of the AHA!

Here I am crossing the finish "line". Once you crossed they handed you a bag and told you to get free goodies. So I left with a lot of pens and entered a lot of random drawings :)

I wore this large sticker on my back. I wrote in my dad's name and birth/death date. I was glad to see others wearing these too in memory of their family members!
As a side note, I think I would like to help plan next years event. It was very unorganized and there was very little information prior to arrival. I think it could have been much better planned and played out. I'm just saying...

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mama cindy said...

I'm so proud of you!