Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm almost a pro...

We got a flyer in the mail over the summer for continuing education courses through IUP. Patrick and I flipped through it just for fun and then we usually toss it out. Well, Patrick found a class and insisted that it was looked into further. He called and there was a wait list, so he asked if I could be added. We got a call and now I'm taking a culinary arts class.

If it weren't for Patrick's desire to see me follow and pursue the things I love I would have never, ever signed up! It ends after Benjamin's bedtime. It's on a Tuesday night. I could go on and on. Patrick makes it possible every week by caring for the babe and is always excited to hear what I've learned.

I am by far the youngest in the class. And "by far" I mean, by 15 years. No problem, I can talk to anyone and all the folks are glad to see pictures of my baby :) The class ranges from people who cook often and very well to two old women who hate to cook and are taking the class to please their husbands. Seriously. The chef teaching is a young guy that used to be the chef at one of the best restaurants in town. He's now at a different place that's closer to his home (and equally as excellent, so I hear).

I'm having so much fun so far! Each week we do something, learn something, try something new! I'm certain I'm going to have to run an extra two miles on Tuesdays just to not gain weight. Last week we learned about making stocks and also how to use vegetables, plus tons of technique. This week we learned how to make homemade pasta and sauces. Oh boy! Everything was so good. Why have I been buying pasta all my life?!

Next week is the week I'm most excited about. Fish week!!! We're going to learn how to cut, filet, and cook a whole fish. We're learning fish buying and cooking basics. I can't wait. I even had a dream that I missed fish week and I was so disappointed. I'm so pathetic!

I can't tell you all how great this class has been. I'm learning so much and having a ton of fun in the process. Plus, I get to eat things like mushroom stuffed ravioli and then come home and experiment. Sweet!

So, feel free to let me share my knowledge with you. I'm almost a chef. (not really. at all. just for the record.)


Beth said...

That is so fun, Ashley! I'm glad you're doing it. What an encouraging husband!

Nathan & Sarah said...

very cool!

mama cindy said...

I can't wait to taste test the mushroom stuffed ravioli!

Jeannie said...

Aw, yeah! Julie, Julia, and Ashley :)

Baby Hancock said...

Ok, so I know the Bible says envy is a sin...but I am sooooo envious! I almost blogged a few weeks ago about how much I have developed a passion for cooking but I wish I could get some formal training! With Coop and Dad's allergies, I have alot of "restrictions" and I am always trying to learn the science behind it so my substitutions work out. I looked into classes, but nothing local that I could find. (Booo MTECH!!) Too bad I didn't double major in Nutrition or something...that would've helped alot. Did you see "Julie and Julia?" Made me want to go to Paris! :-)