Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm not a huge fan of ordering things online. I do it if I have to or if I find a great deal, otherwise I would rather go somewhere and purchase an item. Recently a friend told me about www.diapers.com and that I could get $10 off my first purchase of diapers, so I checked it out :)

The site has A LOT of stuff and I had fun looking through the categories to see what I could buy. They take coupons (you have to mail them in advance of your purchase) and have pretty decent prices. I ordered a stroller from diapers.com about two weeks ago (which was $15 cheaper than any other site). We needed a light-weight take anywhere kind of stroller and wanted one that would last and hold our babe for several years. I picked one out and it came in two days and I was pleased (plus I love the stroller!).

I was looking at the site last night and noticed that select strollers were 15% off, including the one I bought! So I emailed customer service and asked if I could get a refund since I purchased a stroller that was now on sale two weeks ago. They totally did it! I've always been a huge fan of "asking never hurt" and I love when it pays off!

A few more diapers.com perks (since I'm totally plugging them anyways):
*Free shipping on orders over $49
*Tons of products from diapers to food to maternity to taking care of momma stuff
*Overnight shipping. No joke. For free.
*A great referral program (if you decide to use diapers.com for the first time soon, feel free to use my referral number - THEM0970)
*Easy to use site
*Friendly and helpful customer service 24 hours a day!

Anyways, I was super impressed with this site and their service. I'll definitely continue to purchase things through them. It only seemed fair to share my experience with you! :)


Beth said...

Way to go on emailing customer service and asking for the refund! :)

Anonymous said...

Also if you go to Alice.com they have awesome prices. The nice thing is that diapers.com will price match with Alice (or anywhere else with proof of the sale) so you really can get the cheapest price available!!! Also there is a new code: PLUS10PCT for 10% off any purchase. And anyone can use it! Nice huh!
Check out this link on how to make the most out of diapers.com: http://myfrugaladventures.com/2009/10/another-diapers-com-code/ It is pretty good.