Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall fun

We've had some fun days around here lately! David, Karen, Kent and Sarah were here visiting on Monday & Tuesday. It was nice to have visitors come to us for a change! I feel like we've been traveling so much since Benjamin was born. Everyone wants to see him, I know, but it's so nice when we can stay home and friends and family come to us :)

I feel like the last month has gone by so quickly! Weren't those tree branches just full of vibrant colored leaves? Now all of those leaves are yellow and laying wet in our backyard. Such is fall :) Our days are getting longer as we stay in more often. Right now, as I type, Piper is patiently waiting for Benjamin to feed him a puff. These are the times when Piper doesn't mind Benjamin. I am constantly mediating between the two of them!

We went for a little hike on Sunday with our friends, James & Al. We went to Yellow Creek state park and walked around for almost two hours. The dogs loved getting muddy and Benjamin enjoyed riding in the backpack (which we borrowed from a friend and now we want our own!!!). It was a beautiful fall day, why waste it inside? :)

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks, or so...

Sassy look...
Playing in the leaves
Family photo
The boys
The girls
Enjoying the porch swing before it's too cold!
Cute baby in the hat Karen made for him :)
Uncle Kent & Sarah carved Benjamin this little pumpkin! It was making an "O" face - they are mocking the pumpkin and Benjamin is trying to grab the pumpkin and eat it :)


mama cindy said...

Too cute!!!

Justin said...

I have a hiking backpack that you can have if you can think of a way to get it sometime. I think it is a pretty nice one and it's yours if you want it.


Sarah said...

aww these pictures are great!!