Friday, October 30, 2009

Here we go...

Well, my long awaited half marathon is just a day and some away. We are heading down to Pittsburgh tomorrow to do some shopping. Then we'll head over to the expo where I'll pick up my goodie bag, bib number, etc. How is it already the end of October? I'm not ready for November 1st to be here!

I'm a ball of nerves. My heart starts racing and my stomach turns to mush every time I think about this race! I didn't make training a priority over the last month and that hasn't helped my confidence at all! Does anyone know how incredibly difficult it is to train for a half marathon with a 7 month old baby and a working husband? I do! Geez, it's insane!

I'm trying to remind myself that most of the race will be mind over matter. I'm sure my body will begin to freak out around mile 10 and I'll have to convenience myself to keep going with sheer reliance on the Lord's kind Hand to push me from behind. I'm prepared for that. I'm also prepared to walk a little. This only means I'll have to train for another half marathon and run the whole time. Considering that I make it alive through this one.

I know I can run 6.5 miles in an hour. I know that being around 3,500 other people will motivate me. I know that adrenaline really does a number on me - in a good way. I know that I can get slightly competitive and just need to pick out a slow person to beat. I know that by finishing this race, I will have compelted and accomplished a goal I set for myself seven and a half months ago. I know, whatever happens, I will be cheered on and supported and welcomed excitedly over the finish line by an incredible husband and a sweet little baby.

Here is a peak at the course. My goal is to finish in 2 1/2 hours. That's giving me plenty of extra time to slow down. My strategy (at this point) is to take the first two miles fairly easy and consider that my warm up. Run at a 10 minute mile pace for the next four to five miles and then slow back to a twelve minute mile for a mile or two. Um, that's just my mental plan. We'll see how it turns out in real life!

So, here it goes. Ready or not, I am running 13.12 miles on Sunday morning (at 7:30am!). I covet your prayers!! :)


Baby Hancock said...

Good luck! Goooo!!!!

mama cindy said...

You are going to be amazing Ash! I am and will be thinking of you constantly! Let me know your number so I can watch for you on TV. GOOD LUCK!!!