Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New porch!

You may remember back in July, I posted about Patrick redoing our front porch. It's been a lot of hard work on Patrick's part. He's such a champ and worked so hard. Apparently, though, he loves projects. I'm so thankful for him and his handyman ability!

I tried to find a decent "before" picture, but all I have is a picture from before we moved in. I'll show you for good measure:
SO imagine no hanging baskets, no shrub on the right and no porch swing. Okay then. The old porch was rotting and the railing was short and made of gross, old wood. It looked okay from a distance, but there was no need for a closer look. We wanted something fresh, clean and that looked really great. I firmly believe the goal was achieved!

Here is the "after" shot:
Nice, huh? My husband is GREAT! We are planning to stain the porch in the spring. We got a new sidewalk poured over the summer and I just now realized what a difference it makes! Can you tell?

Also, here is a picture with Patrick working hard and Benjamin "helping".

Okay, Benjamin was mainly throwing pumpkins and hitting the railing. His intentions were good, I think.

Finally, I'm posting a picture of our TV stand. We're trying to sell it and it needs to go. We're decluttering (when am I not decluttering?!?!) and downsizing. It's super great, a corner piece, about a year old and in wonderful condition. Know anyone who might want to buy it?!


mama cindy said...

Love the finished product! I really like the white railing, nice job Patrick!!

Baby Hancock said...

Wow, the porch looks great! Reminds me that I took before and after pics of the closet Len and Greg put in our kitchen with the intentions of blogging about it... Hmmmm...better get on that!! Great job, Patrick! It really does look fantastic...a perfect spot for Benjamin!

Jeannie said...

That's one handy guy!!