Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful, indeed...

I love Thanksgiving. Food, family, fun, parades. Plus, this is Benjamin's first Thanksgiving. Sure he won't eat much "grown up" food, but it's a first and he's at such a fun age to share firsts!

So I'll be short and sweet. Here are some things that I'm grateful for this year:

*My Maker who made all things and to Whom I can be thankful for all things
*My incredible husband who always makes me smile, think, grow and love more
*My sweet little boy, who is indeed a miracle
*Friends who are like family in a place where family is not near
*Family who loves me and cares about me and supports me
*Sweet potatoes
*Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
*Cloudy, rainy days with random minutes of sunshine
*A healthy body that can run and dance and play
*Dance parties with my baby boy
*A warm, graceful, cozy home that is all that I hoped my home would be :)

I could go on, but it's getting late and there is so much to do before we leave for Morgantown. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

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Kent said...

your blog is so awesome!!