Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009, take 2

Whoa! What a fun weekend we had. It was so nice being with family and soon to be family :) Our house in Deep Creek, MD was perfect. Tons of space, a fire place, a decent sized kitchen, a hot tub and a table big enough to fit everyone for dinner or games! And let me tell you, we are a game playing family so this is quite important!

We had a great time at Christmas Extravaganza 2009. It was a lot better that I thought it would be (per usual) and much more relaxed. I ate way too much, as it usually goes, and enjoyed all the loving, helping hands that enjoyed my baby boy! Benjamin was a lot of fun around all the presents. He wanted to crawl on and rip at anything that had paper. He got tons of fun toys (that will surely annoy me by weeks end), a new coat, and some books. I love that he's crawling (for now ::grin:: ), it's so much fun to watch him explore. But it is hard work - chasing him and constantly telling him no.

Patrick and I both had a much different perspective of Christmas this year. While getting presents is nice and oh so much fun, it was so much nicer to be with family and watch Benjamin go crazy! I have to say though, I felt so loved this Christmas. Everything I got was so thoughtful and things that were perfect for me! I'm so blessed to have family that knows me and loves me so well.

There are just too many pictures to share. I'm going to stop typing and let you peek into our incredible weekend!

Cassidy, Jenna and Kent making a "Jenna sandwich"...
Christmas Eve family time...
Decorating the tree (Kent brought the tree and decorations so it would be more Christmasy!) Patrick, Frank, Jenna, Kent and Sarah
Christmas morning with Cassidy and the tree...and tons of presents!

Are these all for me?!No? Oh. Well, that's fine.
Cassidy, Jenna and Benjamin...

Brothers...Playing with new toys. This is right before Benjamin pulled the frame on the right onto himself...

The aftermath... plus Jenna We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!!!

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