Monday, December 28, 2009

I've been waiting for five years... tell you that my brother in law is engaged!

I'm sure you know that I love Kent dearly and think the world of him. I don't even consider using the "in law" part unless it's someone I don't know :) I didn't have a brother growing up (but asked for one on a regular basis) and when I married Patrick, I got one! Kent has been the best brother a girl could have and I've only known him five (plus some) years.

There have been a few girls here and there over the years, but I've done my best to scare them off. You see, I'm pretty picky and protective of Kent. He may be older, but he's my brother. Not just any girl can get this guy. She has to love him and want to care for him. She has to be willing to clean his guest bathroom. She must love Jesus more than anything else, ever. She has to be funny and enjoying playing games. And on that note, she and I must have a crazy good connection so we can beat Patrick and Kent at Cranium - because they are good. She has to travel well and like food. A few perks, but not requirements are: likes to cook, funny, enjoys good conversation, authentic and someone I could see being great friends with over the years. Lucky for Sarah she meets the perks, too!

Now that's not too bad of a list, is it? I just want the best for Kent :)

And the best the Lord provided. I've been praying for this woman for as long as I've known Kent. Sarah has been such a blessing to me and I look forward to getting to know her more and growing with her. I can't wait for her to see how awesome it is to be married to a McBride. Patrick is incredible and wonderful and funny and the best husband ever... I'm sure Kent has some of those qualities - they are brothers!

Now, when Kent started devising a plan to propose I started getting excited. When he asked me to plan the engagement party, well I was head over heels! I love parties - especially a party to celebrate Kent and Sarah! He proposed on December 26th and Sarah has no clue it was going to happen. Kent had everything planned perfectly. He asked, she said yes!

We invited several of Kent and Sarah's friends, plus family was already there! We had snacks and dinner and a cake and tons of Christmas cookies! We mingled and waited. Then they came back to the house we were renting in Deep Creek (she was blind folded) and when they walked through the door we all yelled Congratulations! It was wonderful, really. Sarah's dad prayed for them and then opened the floor for anyone else to pray. He then offered a toast and the party was started!

It was such an honor and privileged to plan a party to celebrate Kent and Sarah. I loved serving and caring for them in that way. Also, I'm so excited to have a sister in law in Sarah! Finally, I won't be the third wheel (although Kent will argue that he was the third wheel...that is not true) and I'll have a girl to talk with and do girly things with while Patrick and Kent do their thing!

Congratulations, Kent and Sarah - I couldn't be more excited for you!!!

This cake was quite tasty...
Aren't they cute? Kent is pretty pumped, here. Rightly so.
Brothers and sisters...
The ring is gorgeous! Seriously. Beautiful
Yeah for sisters!


Jeannie said...

Wow! Congrats Kent and Sarah!

Kent said...

Thanks Ashley! That was such a great party, and thanks for saying all those nice things :-) I love you!