Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

The inside of my house is decorated. My Christmas present shopping is nearly done. Our stockings are hung. Ahhhh. It's the most wonderful time of the year, truly.

I really enjoy the Christmas season and have tried to be mindful of how Benjamin and I will spend our days as Christmas approaches. I want to start traditions and enjoy the season without spending a ton of money or losing focus on Jesus. I'm brewing ideas in my head of Christmas books and dance parties in the living room; warm drinks and cookies for a snack on a cold afternoon (ok, mainly for me); cookie baking, dinner making and present wrapping; carol singing; serving and praying and learning together.

Last night we put up out Christmas tree. Benjamin wasn't too interested...until he realized it moved when he touched it. As soon as we sat him down, he scooted his way closer to the tree and reached out for it. It was sweet, but slightly dangerous.

Hanging Benjamin's "Baby's First Christmas" ornament... he just wanted to grab the branches.
The first lighting!
This is what happened when I sat Benjamin down...
My boys...
Family picture. What you don't see here is Piper making his way into the living room, so I put my hand out to sit him down. Benjamin loves Piper, so obviously he's going to look wherever the dog may be. Or maybe you can see a little bit of black fur under my hand...
Merry Christmas memory making to you!

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mama cindy said...

Love the tree! Is that a blue spruce?