Monday, January 25, 2010


Some days I want terribly to write about something spectacular that everyone will relate to or understand or be encouraged by. Some days I have nothing to write about. Today I give to you both: a post that may be about nothing or random to you, but is quite spectacular to me! I'm simply going to show you cute pictures from the last week or so. Even the smallest things and fleeting moments with my guys are incredible to me!

Reading his favorite book: Mr. Brown can MOO! Can you? by Dr. Seuss. I have it memorized. If you didn't want to buy it, just call me and I can recite it for you.

Is he so excited about ripping this paper to pieces or what?!
One with both of them looking. Benjamin stands at this gate quite frequently and loves when Piper comes over to him. It's kind of like being at a zoo. But it's my kitchen and dining room. And a dog. Oh well, Benjamin doesn't know any better yet.
Box riding is fun!
Looking outside. He likes when Piper is on the other side of the door, barking at him, but looking at the porch and trees is just fine for this little man. (who is surely going to love being outside as much as his daddy... I can tell.) This also happens to be one of my favorite pictures.

We decided to take the plunge and get a nice backpack for the babe. Watch out France, here we come! This is a Kelty and it was on mega-sale! We're pretty excited about it. Benjamin enjoyed it and took right to eating the straps. (Thanks, Al, for taking my picture while the guys talked!)
It fits Patrick much better. Don't tell Kent, but we're going to see how comfortable it is for him, too :) (Hello to James in the background!)
Benjamin (finally) got a high chair. He was super helpful while daddy put it together (not really. He kept taking the drill).
Check him out. Also, check out the chair :)
I won a prize! I entered a contest at The Happy Housewife and I won! This rarely happens and I'm still excited. It was a gift basket from Cracker Barrel with corn muffin mix, pancake mix, coffee, 2 coffee mugs (which as giant!), pure syrup, blueberry syrup and a peg game! Woohoo! We tried the pancake mix with the blueberry syrup - yuuuuummmmm!

Okay, the end for now. Hope you enjoyed seeing little bits of my everyday life!


mama cindy said...

Love the pictures!!! I think that Benjamin will have a great time in and Patrick (and maybe Kent) will have tired backs and legs! :)

Oh! I love the stuff you won and the high chair!!!

Jeannie said...

You will NEVER regret the backpack - SO much better than pushing a stroller...

Kent said...

I will definitely take Benjamin for a ride in France! As long as he doesn't puke down the back of my neck....

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

I just had to comment and tell you I have those EXACT same LLBean shoes, a christmas gift, and I wear them every single day!!