Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gospel patience

I read Noel Piper's blog everyday. She's a wise woman and always has something to share. I certainly appreciate that she is pretty funny and loves to brag on her children. Although, I suppose, she has to be a little more light hearted since she's married to John Piper. Either way, I like her (and him, for that matter).

Today she posted an article written by Dan from Together for Adoption. The piece was about adoption from Haiti being closed for quite some time until the country can get back on it's feet. Dan urges christians who want to adopt to consider if they are willing to continue pursuing adoption and praying for the children of Haiti. However, he makes a great point: will you be willing to adopt from Haiti years from now? Or will the emotion behind it be gone?

Such a great point. Dan reminds us that God was so patient with us as He waited for us to be His adopted sons and daughters. God waited through thousands and hundreds of years, until His sent His Son to this earth. He then waited 33 more years until His Son died on a cross and then rose, victoriously over sin, to redeem us. What a wait! What a patient God!

My heart has been so unsettled over the last week about adopting. I don't mean that my heart is confused or hesitant or unsure. I mean that my heart won't stop aching and crying and praying and desperately longing for another child - a child who has been abandoned, who needs a mom and dad. This earthquake didn't just shake and stir a capitol city, it has shaken and stirred my heart to reconsider adoption.

This is what I wrote in my journal a few days ago, "I just spend 30 minutes on line looking at blogs and website about Haiti and adopting. My heart is so unsettled about all of those children in Haiti without parents. And all of this stirs my soul about adopting as soon as possible - from anywhere - to save a child, to love a child, to glorify You. Lord, we need to adopt a baby from Haiti - someday."

Just thinking that there are women and families out there that have chosen to give their child away is heartbreaking (however, I do understand different circumstances lead each family to this decision). Knowing that it took Patrick and I almost 4 years to have a baby and that women are getting pregnant left and right who don't want their babies leads me only to believe that God has given me this passion and our circumstances for a reason.

I still don't know what this passion will lead to. I do know that we won't be adopting from Haiti anytime soon because everything is on hold. I know that the time line doesn't change my heart, it only makes me want to do more in the meantime. Years from now, children in Haiti will still need our help. I also know that there are several infants that need adoption, domestically, at Bethany Christian Services. I know that my heart won't be at ease until we can reach out can care for a child God created, through two other people, for us to parent. I just don't know when or how. And I'm okay with that.

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Luke's Mom said...

Hey Ashley,
This doesn't have to do with your post but I wanted to share. I recently discovered a website that will import your blog (pics and all) and then turn it into a book for you. I have not printed my book yet but I really like the program and it provides a way to keep your blog posts forever. It's blurb.com if you are interested. Troy told me that Benjamin choked last night- that's the scariest thing in the world. I hope you are all well. I enjoy keeping up with you on here.