Monday, February 15, 2010

11 months!

Oh boy. Eleven months has gone by since my baby was born. It's still hard for me to wrap my mind and heart around. My tiny baby is growing into a little boy! Benjamin daily amazes me and I love that he's learning something new each day.

Not only is my baby growing, but I am too. It get's increasingly harder to say "no" over and over again. My patience and endurance is tested on a frequent basis. I find myself calling out to the Lord more often than I use to and I'm grateful that He hears me! Although these days are tough and sometimes long, I do my best to make the most of every day. My time with this little man is so short and so fleeting and I don't want to waste it or wish it away.

I'm in awe of the amount of love and affection I have for Benjamin. Everyday I fall more in love with him. He's so cute and so cuddly... I love this! He get's harder to photograph each month. I figured this would happen. He's so easily distracted and wants terribly to do all things he's not allowed to do. Boys. :)

He talks up a storm and babbles like crazy. I love "talking" with him and love even more than we are starting to communicate with things other than loud cries, whines and awful looks. He can say Piper, cracker, daddy, dog, baby and boom well. He is starting to say "touchdown" to go along with the hand motion. However, it sounds more like "guck-gow".He repeats a lot of words and sounds, too. He likes to "bark" when Piper does and it's truly hilarious.

He will climb anything. Today he somehow climbed to the top of a box that was "L" shaped. When I found him, he just smiled a waved at me. He likes to climb on the couch, his rocking chair and also attempts daily to climb onto the dishwasher door. This is only unsuccessful because of me. He's quite friendly and will play with anyone. He will wave and clap when you tell him. He also waves back if someone says "hi" or "bye" and waves to him. Such a people person already!

I do apologize for the amount of pictures that you're about to endure! Although he doesn't look at the camera as often, I still take a ton of pictures! This little preview isn't even a quarter of the pictures I've taken of him over the last few days! But I wanted you to be able to see all of Benjamin's little personality :)

On the mentioned box. This is not how I found him. This is how he was when I grabbed my camera :) When I saw him, he was sitting on the top where his hands are. Oy.

Oh man, I love this picture! They were watching the bulldozer remove snow from our street. Sweet moments, people!
Chewing his fingers, per usual. Those bottom molars are causing us some serious issues!
He loves his rocking chair! We put the pillow on it because he can't figure out how to move it and climb onto the chair.
Oh those eyes!
Knowing he shouldn't be standing on the chair.
Just going for it...
Being very annoyed with me :)
Playing on daddy's office chair.
Laughing. He really is a very happy baby!
No words. Just cuteness.
Trying to get him to look at me as he is climbing the stairs. I'm not as interesting as the shadows and such, you know.
Snack time! He doesn't like sippy cups as much as cups with straws.
A quick attempt at a momma/baby self portrait. I was so bummed to see that I had very few pictures of B and I over the last several months. If you have any. Send them my way :)

Ah, another month down. Soon you'll be hearing of this boy's 1st birthday (which I'm currently planning. The theme? Polka dots!)! So long for now!


Amanda said...

whoa nelly...he is growing up fast. I can't get over how big he is and how much he is doing!!!!

Baby Hancock said...

Enjoying the pics!!!! Love his blue eyes!

Jeannie said...

Too bad our blue-eyed honeys can't celebrate together!! I'm thinking it's going to be a Star Wars Theme...