Saturday, February 6, 2010

Playing around

Benjamin is much more active now. I mean, needs to move and wear himself out or he gets stir crazy, active. Maybe he gets that from me? :) He's an excellent climber and will get into anything he can. Here are some ways we try to entertain him, or ways he finds to entertain himself....

The play area I made for him. The boxes of Diet Coke work great as support for pillows! Thanks, mom for letting us house these for you :) They are now in random places for Benjamin to climb on.
Concerned? or just cute?
I think he knows he's going to get in trouble for something here...
Ah, a favorite past time...pulling slippers out of the bin. Then he moves on the removing all the shoes.
Stair climbing is next. The slippers are on the way to the stairs, which is why this area of the house is a hit!
Up the stairs, down the stairs. Up the stairs, down the stairs. Repeat.
This is my pantry. This is Benjamin learning how to get into the pantry. This is Piper looking on, hoping Benjamin finds something good.
This is what Benjamin found in the pantry and opened. Sure I could have stopped him right away, but I needed a picture of my child consuming Pringles. Good grief! Oh, Piper was indeed pleased with this find.
In the kitchen, where all kinds of fun happens, there is a gate. He loves to pull on it, climb all over it or, simply, chew on it.
Wrestling and couch climbing with daddy. This is a new favorite around here. Remove the cushions and go at it! If you can't tell, Patrick is loving this new stage!!!

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