Monday, March 29, 2010


Although this new adventure of moving across the country in a matter of six weeks is somewhat overwhelming, I can't deny God's hand in all of it. Sure there is a lot to do. There have certainly been minor setbacks and upsets. There has been discouraging news, heartbreaks and many tears, but the majority of the last six weeks has been simply amazing.

Let me just share a few things that lead us to believe that God wants us in Oklahoma ASAP:
-We found a house after just 2 (and a half) days of looking.
-The house were moving into has the exact things I prayed for before we started looking!
-The family living in the OK house need to get out as quickly as we need to get in. Making a month (from the offer) closing date perfectly perfect for everyone!
-Patrick sold his truck super quick...for cash.
-Our house sold after just 6 days on the market! Bonus: For only $1,000 less than our asking price!
- The money we will make from our house is almost exactly the amount we need to fix the furnace in the new house (which is very necessary.)!
-It's apparently very rare to be hired at Chesapeake without 3 or 4 interviews, if you even get that far. Patrick interviewed once and was offered a job one day later.
-Patrick's new job has a ton of things that he has been desiring in a job for a long time.
-We already know a few people who live in OKC/Edmond. That's never happened before in a big move!

Now, those are just the things that come to my head right now. If God isn't confirming this, than I don't know whats going on! :) I was joking with some friends at bible study last week, saying that I feel like Moses. I'm experiencing so much of God right now that I need to wear a veil to tone down His glory radiating from me! Now that may not be the case (exactly), but I just can't help but be in awe of how God is leading us, teaching us, humbling us and showing us more of Him right now.

I just don't remember the last time where I felt like I was in such a beautiful season of blessing. And I just don't think I've ever basked in His goodness like I am now. Letting every single drop of kindness and mercy and grace and undeserved blessing penetrate every inch of my heart, soul and mind. Not to mention being grateful for the hard things, knowing they only make the incredible things more apparent.

As hard as it is going to be to leave Indiana, PA, I cannot wait to get to Edmond, OK and see what the urgency is in us getting there! I hope it's more and more and more of Jesus!!!


mama cindy said...

I have to agree that things have fallen into place.....extremely fast!!! I also believe that it must be meant to be. Good luck in your new adventure. Ove you, Mom.

young wife&mom said...

ashley, we felt the same way when we moved..although not so far! ha.
so glad that you will still be blogging..look forward to seeing how God uses you in a new place!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ash

Here's some more good news. If you like Charlie Hall, you're in luck. He's from OKC, OK and attends Henderson Hills Baptist Church. I remember talking to him when he was here and I believe he mentioned that they still lead worship at times. YAY!