Friday, March 5, 2010

Just a few things...

I'm super excited for this move, however there is just so much emotional attachment to Indiana and the community I have here. I want to really work through it so I can leave Indiana, PA a healthy, happy, excited lady. Sigh. There is a lot to do and I'm trying to take it one day at a time and remain calm. It's certainly not in my nature to remain calm, but I'm going to do the best I can! :)

So now, more randomness coming your way! I need something to get my mind off packing and flying and moving!

I recently moved a large piece of hand-me-down furinture from the basement (we weren't using it) to the living room. With B getting into everything, I needed a place to store things and also a place for his toys that didn't look so messy. Here is my solution:

Doors closed (please excuse the clutter on top. Some of it is "decoration" and the rest is well, clutter.)

Doors opened! Benjamin loves opening the doors and pulling out all of his toys. Plus, I'm able to keep a small basket of balls and cups under this huge thing! The large drawer on the bottom houses all of our DVD's and B can't open this drawer - it's way too heavy! The little drawers on top hold remotes and other randoms that I don't want the babe to get ahold of.

Here is a little peak at the invite for Benjamin's party! Can anyone else believe he'll be ONE in a week?! I found stationary online, typed in a message and they sent me 25 copies! (note: not for free ::grin:: )

Cute baby drinking some water.

I LOOOOOOOVE this fabric. I used my 40% off coupon yesterday at Joann's to get it! I saw it the other day and just started imagining all I could do with it. I only got a yard, but a new sale starts tomorrow if I need more! It's just so pretty! And there are little birds on it!!!!

Love, love, love this crewel piece. I saw it on an Etsy shop the other day. Luckily the girls that run the shop live in Indiana. It's a vintage piece and so I snagged it right away before anyone else could! I am going to get a thick brown frame for it. Seriously. I love this flower basket wall hanging!!!

My randomness has come to an end, for now. I'll be posting my pantry list soon to help me plan meals through the month. I had a ton of fun doing that a few months ago! There's a lot I need to get rid of before we move!

Also, expect posts from me as we are house hunting and exploring OKC/Edmond! I won't leave y'all hanging, promise. I need an outlet somewhere to process and prepare for this new adventure!!!

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Erin said...

Hey! I used that blue birdie fabric for a new infant seat cover that I commissioned on Etsy. I LOVE it!!