Saturday, March 6, 2010


Oh boy. Day one on our OK house hunting trip was overwhelming. Our flight out of Pittsburgh was l.a.t.e so we got into OKC 10:15 EST last night. Benjamin was in and out of sleep and is pretty much a champion traveler. We're so blessed and the Lord has been so kind to us.

Something that Benjamin is not? A good sleeper anywhere (except home). He was up at 1am and didn't go back to be until 3:30am. During which time he had three incredibly gross diapers. Finally, he fell asleep until 6:30 (this is all CT now). We gave in (after trying to get him to go back to sleep) and got up, got ready and went to Wal-Mart (for diapers and baby food). We then went on a search for breakfast.

We got bagels at Panera and drove around for a bit. During and after our drive there were several, "Are we crazy?" or "Is this really the right thing?" moments. Turns out we ended up driving through the most ghetto part of OKC for at least half an hour. Luckily, our realtor knows this area A LOT better than we do. She was quite humored when we told her of our drive. We were a lot more confident after driving around with her for a while.

Everything is pretty spread out around here. Then, all of the sudden, you come to an intersection and BAM 18 stores and four housing developments. After looking on the west side of Edmond, we traveled east and really liked that area better. It's the "older" area of town is great and, well, older. It felt so much more home-y to us. Plus, there are some great "townie" restaurants (and you know I love food). We ate lunch at a place called Cafe 501 (sound kind of familiar Indiana friends?!). It was super cool and they made awesome tropical iced tea. It was contemporary, classy and very comfortable. Plus, all of their food was fresh and home made.

It's fairly flat here, but there are some good hills - depending on where you are. It was super windy today, but it was partly sunny and 66 degrees. Hello, Spring! Everything is still very surreal to me. It was nice to see a variety of boutiques and locally owned shops. We had dinner at a place called Cantina Laredo. It was incredible Mexican food. I got the avocado and artichoke enchiladas. I'm pretty sure there was jicama in them and they were excellent!

We saw 13 houses today. If we had to look at any again, I would pick 4 of them. Ugh. There was one we both LOVED, but it was on the high end of our price range. Here's hoping we find another one that's even better (and cheaper) on Monday. We're meeting with our realtor (who is truly fantastic) again Monday to look at 13 more houses.

That was our day, in a nutshell. Fear producing. Busy. Encouraging. Tasty. Long. I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow we're going to go to a church that we thought sounded good, meet some friends (thank you, Jesus for Season Swift!) for lunch and then drive around. We may check out downtown OKC. Apparently, it's awesome. I'll let you know :)

Please continue praying for us and thank you so much for supporting us and surrounding us already!!!!


mama cindy said...

What a day! I hope you get some rest before Monday. Hope you find the "perfect" house.

Baby Hancock said...

Praying for you often as I imagine this is both a scary and exciting time. I think God likes adventure: He seems to often prompt us to do "crazy" things and it is an amazing feeling to move forward in faith, trusting He will be there through it all since He is leading it! It's very fun to see your adventure...thanks for sharing it with us!

Courtney said...

When we went to LA to look for apartments, we spent the first evening driving around near the airport. I cried the whole time. Turns out that is totally the ghetto area--I remember the feeling well! Glad you found a better area so soon. And Cafe 501...seems like a sign!