Friday, March 12, 2010


What a whirlwind these last couple of weeks have been. I'm trying desperately to recuperate from the insanity of our trip. There is just so much going through my mind, and my heart, right now.

This will be our first cross country move that isn't coupled with another huge life change. The first time around we got married. Move number two happened very shortly after my dad died. And now, third time is a they say.

I want to be mindful to grieve and mourn leaving the things here that I love. And my friends, I do love this place. I have deeper roots here than anywhere else and have grown and matured and learned here in ways that I haven't in other places (although this can be expected anywhere, I know). My time here in Indiana started off badly as I dealt with isolation, depression and loneliness. Moving and dealing with death alone was so hard, but so much has changed in just three and a half (short) years. Mainly, me.

Moving to OK will have it's challenges. My little boy will be one when we go and moving with kiddos, no matter the age, comes with difficulty and adjustment. Living in a larger city will be hard, at first. Not being able to walk everywhere or the ease of living in a small town will be strange. Before long, though, I'll love and appreciate the Super Target just a few minutes away and will deal with driving to the farmers market, rather than walking.

It's all about change. Embracing. Enjoying. Living without expectations. Just trusting the Lord in His sovereignty, in His wisdom, in His love. I'm praying that God will care for me tenderly and prepare me in beautiful ways as we pack and clean and gear up to leave Indiana, PA.


theroyalgarcias said...

Having a kid when you move is such a great way to meet people. You will have instant mom friends as soon as you go to the park, visit churches, go to the grocery store, and on and on. Think of Benjamin as your friend-fairy. He needs them, you need them, other babies and moms need them. It will be awesome. :)

Lauren said...

Hey, friend! Just catching up on all your news and travels...MOVING IS HARD! But always great in hindsight :) Somehow God always does what's best for us :) But we will certainly be praying for you in the process. Remember it makes time to form deep friendships, but they will come. You are easy to love :) Can't wait to hear what God has in store for you there!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking of you and pryaing for you with all the change. I am super excited you are moving to a great city and I am sure you will love it! Your new home is super cute. God has definitely given you grace for change and an ability to turn lemons into lemonade.
Love ya