Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We currently own (sort of) two homes. Our Indiana home, which needs to sell ASAP and our Edmond home, which is really not ours yet. Either way, papers are signed and we are on our way to living in Edmond, OK. They sellers came back with a counter offer, but it was still lower than we thought they would come back at. We took it and are very excited about this house!

I think things are starting to sink in a little. Some great praises: The sellers are willing to close on April 8th, which means that we can all move down together. We have friends that live here. There is a SuperTarget and a water park just minutes from our house. OKC & Edmond have races and things to do in the community. There is a Ann Taylor LOFT here. We have several churches to look at. There is Blue Bell ice cream here. I know there are a ton more, it's just that I'm too tired to go on.

We had a busy day. We walked through the house again. We drove to downtown OKC, which is mainly some restaurants and a bunch of offices. We had a picnic at a park. We toured the Chesapeake campus (they have an AMAZING fitness facility. So excited about that.). We had dinner with friends. We came back to the hotel and packed up. Now I'm blogging. :) Whew.

I'm ready to be back home. I'm ready for things to be a little normal for awhile. I'm ready to start this process. Mainly, I want to sleep in my own bed.

Here are pictures, to show you some of our day!

Lake Hefner. OKC's water supply. A great place to row and sail, but no swimming. It was so gorgeous outside today!
At the park.
Riding the space shuttle...
Swing!! (B loves to be outside, can you tell!?)
Close up of the outside of the house.
Better shot of the kitchen.
Cute matching guys. Both making faces. Normal.
Oh man. What a long few days it has been! I'm glad that this trip has gone well and we found a house. I'm so glad we got to explore and find our way around. I'm glad we got to figure things out a little. More than anything, I'm so glad that the Lord continually revealed to us that we are suppose to be here - no matter how crazy it all seems. This is where He has called us and we are confident in that. That, my friends, is a cozy and peaceful place to be.


Baby Hancock said...

Congrats! I hope our homebuying/selling process goes that quickly! Just started cleaning today to get it on the market April 1. :-) (Horrible dust on the ceiling fans. he he)

Nathan & Sarah said...

oh my goodness, LOVING the kitchen! And Congratulations!

Jeannie said...

wow - house whiplash. this is awesome!!

mama cindy said...

YEAH!!! I can't wait to see it after you have your stuff in it!! :) Love the cute pictures of the babe.

T@R@ said...

congrats on the house!!!

Morgan said...

so exciting! congrats! i hope your house sells pronto!

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

I know how hard transitions can be so I'll be praying for God to guide you through!

Al said...

It is beautiful.... I can't wait to visit.