Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Backyard fun

Benjamin loooooves going outside. In fact, if I even mention the word it's over. He will even repeat "ou-sa" outside until we go. The weather is pretty great here, for now, so I don't mind. Plus, we get to play with Piper.

Piper likes to lick and run over Benjamin. Benjamin hasn't quite got the hang of playing with Piper yet. B just likes to hold out sticks for him and tries to get into his mouth. Yuck.

Benjamin loves to eat sticks. I think this is gross. He does not, obviously, because he'll always find one and starting chewing.

He doesn't hold still for a picture very well anymore.
So most of them are of him not looking at the camera.

Sometimes he tries to grab the camera and I have to squeeze him in my legs to keep him at distance. Then I get cute shots like this:
Another stick.

He doesn't look happy at all about this picture. That is because he was not. But, I like it :)


mama cindy said...

Oh My!! He is so precious! Love the picture with him and Piper....his buddy :) Love you!!

Morgan said...

ok, bobby was eating a rose last night! he actually ingested part of the stem! i actually let him do it because we were at a wedding reception and it was keeping him that bad? :)