Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A post of bullet points...

*My heart rate monitor watch was missing for a few days. I took a significant portion out of each day (from Saturday until today) to find it. I looked in places only a baby could think of: the window seals, in cupboards, in baskets of toys, under every piece of furniture we own. Nothing. I was so discouraged. I feel kind of naked working out without it on my wrist. Then, a miracle happened. I dumped a basket of towels into the washing machine and behold! a cell phone! Not just any cell phone, B's "play" phone. This meant that said laundry basket had been a dropping point for random things he found during the weekend. Ah ha! There it was. I'm much less frantic now and can workout contently.

*Benjamin will only eat the following foods: strawberries, bananas, grapes, PB&J, hummus, avocado, tortillas, crackers of any sort, yogurt of any sort, waffles and fruit bars. Where did his love for vegetables go? Where have I gone wrong? He has recently begun protesting baby food, so I can't get that into him. I've developed this philosophy: if he's eating anything at all, that's a success! Eventually, he'll get hungry enough to eat vegetables again or develop a love for them. I'm rooting for the latter.

*I want someone to come and help me decorate my house. Now that we have more wall space, I'm getting antsy to hang things and buy things. Bad news bears. I confess that I lust after most things in Hobby Lobby, Pier 1 and Target. Also, we don't need it. Being self controlled will not only do me well, but it will bless Patrick and hopefully it will show B a good example of being frugal and wise. Hopefully.

*To whomever commented "poor Piper" (anonymously) on my last post. Shame, shame. He's my dog and there are thousands of good reasons why this is okay. Number one: he's our dog and we can decide what is poor or good for him. He happily sleeps inside at night and we let him in when it's too cold or storming. He is not suffering and neither are we.

*We are a week behind in watching the Biggest Loser and it's driving me nutty!

*I've slept through the night for the last four nights, thanks to the Lord's mercy in letting B sleep all night. I feel like a new woman. I like sleeping all night!

*I went to a kickboxing class at the YMCA today and it was awesome. It was a good workout and there were tons of other women there. Score! I pretty much did great. I'm going to keep going back until I pretty much do incredible.

*I went to a local coffee shop yesterday and ordered a latte. It was terrible. I couldn't even drink it. I was so sad. I have one more local shop to check out (that I know of) before I start stalking Starbucks. Java Dave's (this is the other local place), have good coffee and save me from loving Starbucks!!

*We leave for France (Lord willing. Separate, volcano ash plume! Part yourself!) in 8 days. My little heart cannot wait. I keep telling B all about Paris. I have mentioned several times that as much as we may love it there, the Lord has not called us to live there so we cannot think, at any point, that we get to stay forever. He doesn't seem to be concerned. I'm only slightly concerned.

I suppose that's all for now. I must get dinner started and fold some laundry and clean off the table and put a sweater on (because I'm freezing) and clean up the floors so I can vacuum before the baby wakes up!


Lauren said...

Bahaha - this post made me laugh! I love it! I love the comments about Paris and Piper :) Daryl and I haven't decided on getting another dog or not for a while namely because one of us considers dogs people and the other does not (I don't think I need to say which is which). Hee hee. Hope your new home becomes "home" soon. Seems like you are doing a great job!

heather said...

Hi there! I in fact did not drop off of the face of the planet - surprise! Life is busy. This, I know you can appreciate. :) By the way, I envy this new adventure you are on. You have a beautiful new home, and what a blessing to have friends already there to greet you! And thinking of kiddos and veggies: mine ate strained (homemade and canned) soups for awhile, and are quite frequently duped into eating spaghetti, lasagna, and many other entrees with lotsa yummy pureed veggies inside. Just thoughts! :)