Friday, April 9, 2010


Here we are. Tired. Surrounded by boxes, only in a different house. Things have gone so well. The Lord has been and is so kind to us.

Just a quick update, though. We love our house. It's great so far. We've noticed things here and there that we don't like or want to change or fix. This is typical and fine. You know, it just feels like home here. I feel like I've lived in this house for months. The Lord definitely prepared me for this and I'm so grateful.

Our neighbors love Jesus and we just love that. Patrick talked to the guy over the fence. It was very "Home Improvement" of him.

My kitchen is unpacked and put away. Benjamin's room is also unpacked and mostly put away. There are boxes everywhere and we only have one utility knife. This makes for sneaky steals from one another. Which is fun when you're surrounded by boxes and going a little crazy :)

I didn't get lost going to the grocery store today. I can also successfully find the following without getting lost: Starbucks, Panera, Ann Taylor Loft, Troy and Amy's house, Ross/Bed Bath and Beyond/ Super Target (all in the same area). I would say that's pretty good.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight. Oh glory! I've missed that thing. Now, I'm going to make a path to the bedroom and work in there until I just can't stay awake any longer.

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