Saturday, April 3, 2010

Making last minute memories

Our last days in Indiana are coming to a close. It's been my hearts desire over the last six weeks to make the most of our time here. And I can confidently say I have.

The last two days have been no exception! Friday was spent hanging out with Meghan. We got pedicures and had lunch. Together. Without boys. For the first time, ever. It was so much fun. We grabbed some steaks from Cunninghams and grilled out with all our guys.

Our friends threw us a going away party. It was so much fun to see everyone, chat and spend time with people who have been our community and our family for the last three and a half years. We will certainly miss our friends here in Indiana. There is no doubt about that.
Patrick and James, talking about something great.

Nancy, Aubrey and Will Seale. Little Aubrey is just 9 days old! I've had the privilege of walking through so much with Nancy over the last few years
Foulk's. We love you.
Al and B just playing.
This morning, Meghan and I ran a 10k. It was a little warm, but it was a great morning to run. This is the farthest Meghan has ever run. I'm so proud of her. Although, I'm sure she wanted to punch me a few times on the course :)

Typical us.
The boys playing.
We finished in 1:03:19. Pretty awesome, if you ask me! After the race, I headed to the hospital to see a brand new baby, who is incredibly beautiful. I love when my friends have babies!

I ended the day with a "moving sale" of sorts. I didn't get rid of everything I hoped, but did make $80. Not too bad. Anyone need a hutch? The perk of the sale is that a few friends stopped by and stayed for a while. It was so great to talk and sit and enjoy sunny moments with people I'll miss!

Whew! Two more days in Indiana and they won't be boring. There is a lot to do and it's starting to sink in that we're not going to live here anymore. And friends, I have loved living here more than any other place I've lived.

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Baby Hancock said...

PLEASE send me a picture of the cousin is moving into a new apartment and needs a bakers rack-type thing!!! :-) I'll pay you for it!