Friday, May 14, 2010


After taking the train back to Paris from Bayeux, we hopped on a flight to Nice. Nice was not nice because it was cold and rainy. Plus, it was not our final destination. We got on a bus and off to Antibes we went. Say it with me - An-ta-bee. We all had a different way to say the name of this city :)

Oh, Antibes. It was wonderful. A small town, shops galore. It's really what I thought France should look like. Our first night was spent going to the market and getting food for dinner and breakfast. That night we grilled fish and veggies. Then we sat around and talked about the five things we wanted to do before we died (I'll share mine sometime if you remind me). I love times like this. Bonding, sharing, growing.

Day six of our trip was a full day of bumbling and relaxing in Antibes. We walked into town, grazed on pastries (nutella filled beignets!) and such. We walked around and looked in a few stores, we took pictures in the kiddie park, we went to the post office. See, nothing too crazy. But it was so fun!

Patrick and Kent snuck away for a few minutes and left all of us girls a little confused. Alas they came back with sneaky plans up their sleeves and one by one, a girl would disappear for 40 minutes and then come back. Where did we go, you ask? To get a massage. In France. What incredible guys!!! We were all surprised and so grateful!

There were little moments in this day that were so fun. Walking around with Kent and Kate (P took B back to the apt, Sarah was getting her massage) was especially fun. I love talking with them and that they are my brother and sister. I'm so grateful for the relationships that I have with each of them!

We had basil filled gnocchi for dinner and we made some dipping oils for our baguettes. Please, let me tell you - the five of us could easily devour three or four baguettes a night! They are so good and so cheap! I'm having a hard time recalling if there was a night in our trip where we didn't have a baguette for dinner. Hum. We played another "get to know you" game and shared a lot.

I really did love Antibes.

Being funny.
Group shot at the kiddie park
First look at the Mediterranean Ocean. It was incredibly gorgeous! And it was so neat to think of the history this vast ocean held.

Patrick, B and I by the sea. Obviously, B is really interested :)Family pic in the park. B was not having the stillness needed for the picture. In his defense, there was a slide just a few feet away. There are clearly priority differences in he and us :)
Uncle Kent and Benjamin, just spinning some records. They were a great music team.

Oh, please know that there is much more of the South of France to come. Some in Antibes and some not. This was just one day (and a half)!

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