Sunday, May 16, 2010


Monaco, a teeny tiny country at the very South of France, was just a short one hour train ride from Antibes. We were so close and wanted to explore, so it was only natural for us to stop by Monaco.

You may know Monaco because of Prince Rainer and Princess Grace - who was an actress in the US before falling in love with a prince - and their kids, who know rule the place (literally, Prince Albert, Princesses Stephanie and Caroline). I think I know all of this thanks to my mom.

Monaco was gorgeous. Stunning, really. It's a beautiful place and very well-to-do. I mean, the train station had marble floors and granite walls. Seriously! Everything was packed together, the streets were clean and there was a Ferrari dealership right in the middle of town.

We stopped by the Monte Carlo Casino, had lunch at a (really good) pizza place with a grumpy old man server, wandered around the Exotic Jungle, saw the Palace and took a lot of pictures of the Mediterranean Ocean. We didn't spend too much time there, but just enough.

Ocean and a garden of sorts
Group shot in Monaco!
Ahhhhh...the ocean. and family. and vacation. perfect.
Hello, beautiful sea (and rocks and flowers)!
Ash and Kate, you know, relaxing in the grass...
Cute little (busy) street...
Little family on the way up to the Palace...
Ferrari dealership...and the guys.
The Palace...
This was a fun day trip. But what we did when we go back to Antibes is one of my favorite things on the trip! Stay tuned!

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mama cindy said...

What a beautiful place. I'm guilty of your knowledge of Monaco and the royal family. :)