Monday, May 17, 2010

Running and jumping and playing, oh my!

Now, after Monaco we came back to Antibes. All day we had talked about jumping into the ocean. It was the Mediterranean, after all and we had never been. Plus, there's a long standing rule that you have to (at least) touch the water of a new (to you) ocean. It only made sense to swim in the water.

Patrick, Kate, B and I made a beeline for our apartment to get changed. We were ready in seconds and headed back outside to get the show on the road! Kent and Sarah decided they wanted to join, so we waited and all went together. We were gearing up for frigid water temps and, even more, the coldness when we got out.

We found the perfect spot and set up my camera for a good "running into the ocean" shot. That didn't work so well. So, we posed for a few.

The fake jumping pose...

The water wasn't too bad at all and we played for a bit. There were tons of rocks and that was hard on our feet, so we didn't go too far in. Benjamin stayed confined in the Kelty because we weren't sure what he would do left unattended. We did get him out and let him put his feet into the water. This was his first beach/ocean experience!

Overall, Benjamin does not like sand and cool ocean water. :)
There were a few old French couples watching this whole endeavor. They must of thought we were crazy by the looks they were giving us! There were some folks, however, who walked by smiling and laughing with us. We all had so much fun! What an incredible memory. Plus, this event finds itself on my top 5 list of favorite things we did in France!

Patrick was going to throw me into the water, but the rocks were really sharp and his feet hurt. Thus, I was saved from total wetness by sharp rocks.

AH, what a good time! After we got back home, Kent and Sarah went out to eat and Kate, Patrick, B and I stayed in. We fixed up a huge and wonderful salad and had bread and cheese, of course. We didn't stay up too late because we were leaving early the next morning for our next stop!

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